Our club is an educational poultry club. The ACE program is our educational program for youth with a serious interest in “exhibition poultry”. There are three types of poultry; egg layers and broilers associated only with the com-mercial industry and “exhibition” poultry. Our focus is only about the exhibition poultry hobby. We are sponsored by the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association and our guidelines follow their “standards” in raising and showing exhibition birds.
The A.C.E. Program stands for: Activities…….Competition…….Education, hence A.C.E.
To begin this journey a member must be 8 years old. Each member must keep a record book of their journey beginning with the first record book and working their way up through each level of this program.
Record book information-

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Coop Tender
Flock Tender
Flock Master
Poultry Master
Certification Showmanship Judging
Pre-Apprentice Judge Program
The first three books must be completed by the members 18th birthday. The final step, Poultry Master, must be completed by the members 21st birthday.

ALSO available is the educational Pee Wee level of our program which is an introduction to record keeping. A member, with the help of their parents may begin the level at the age of 5 and must be completed by the age of 8 when they move into the Coop Tender level record book.

Being an active member of the ACE Program offers several opportunities. The first opportunity is to be active in our Showmanship Program and at the third book level may take a test to become a “certified showmanship judge at the age of 16”. The second opportunity is the student has the option to enter the “Pre-Apprentice Judges Program” for those interested in becoming a licensed APA or ABA poultry judge. This program is available when the final level of Poultry Master is completed. This must be completed by your 25th birthday.

Information about both of the above programs are available to all interested parties and the guidelines can be ordered from the national office or found on our website.

When you have completed your record book for each level, you must contact the national office or a youth leader in your district of the country. A time will be scheduled to check your notebook for accuracy and go over your achievements, education and competition records. You will be tested verbally about the contents of your record book, usually done during a show and on the showroom floor using your bird entry as focal points.

Beginning with the Coop Tender level, you will receive a certificate of achievement and a patch showing you have reached this goal. These may be sewn on your show coat or hat.

This program is a very good reference for students that plan to attend college or to enter the workplace.
Record books may be ordered at the time you join the youth club or may be ordered online from our website store. These books are available for our members only!