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ACE PROGRAM RECORD BOOKS-  For Members Only-includes shipping
Peewee Level Record Book
Price $ 7.50

Coop Tender Notebook
Price $8.50

Flock Tender Notebook
Price  $11.50

Flock Master Notebook
Price $14.50

GENERAL MERCHANDISE -includes shipping
Bantams-Intriguing Miniatures  $8.00

Bathing, Grooming &
Training  Price $10.50 SALE

Bathing, Grooming
DVD Price $14.50 SALE

APA Standard of Perfection
Hard Cover  $63.00

Silkies Bantams  $10.50

Book of Bantams
Judging Manual for Bantam Ducks  $7.50

Rosecomb Bantam $9.00


Bantam Culture $9.00

World of Poultry Coloring


Silhouette one side
Description on the other
Japanese Bantams
Cochin Bantams
Starting with what you Have !

Flash Cards -85 cards
Price $ 12.50


YEPA Club Patch
Price $6.50

YEPA Club Pin
Price $5.50